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Sustainability Leadership Committee

 LC spring 2017

Spring 2017

The Sustainability Leadership Committee serve as student ambassadors for the ENVST Program, and as liaisons between the Program and ENVST majors and other students.

Alex v headshotAlexandre Veilluex 
Alex is a double major in Political Science and Environmental and Sustainability Studies. His academic interests include climate change adaptation and mitigation, inequalities in American politics, international environmental law, critical pedagogy, and where they all intersect. Alex took six years off as a ski bum prior to beginning his undergraduate degree, backpacked Central America for four months, studied international law and European politics in Germany, and studied the artificial peak oil crisis and the resulting patterns of sustainability in Cuba. In his spare time he enjoys skiing, extremely mellow top roping, pretending he knows how to fly fish, strong coffee, and cold beer. 

drew headshotAndrew Kennedy
Drew is a third year Environmental and Sustainability Studies major, with a Geography Major. He is currently the president of a student group called SCAN (Student Clean Air Network). Their goal as a student group is to raise awareness of about our air quality and what can be done by our students to help lessen their contribution to the air quality. Drew will also be starting a UROP project next semester focusing on lake sediment data and pollen sampling. 

dani p headshotDanielle Poirier 
Dani is senior double majoring in Environmental and Sustainability Studies, as well as Strategic Communications, with a Certificate in Entrepreneurship. Dani is interested in the ways people interact with the environment and how various management and entrepreneurial endeavours can create sustainable systems in society. Dani works in the ENVST office and serves as the ENVST Ambassador for the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. She has been involved with various groups on campus including: Edible Campus Gardens, ASUU Sustainability Board, Office of Admissions, and Outdoor Adventures Program. Dani completed her ENVST internship as the Outreach and Communications Coordinator for Wasatch Backcountry Alliance. She is currently working on a SCIF grant to imporve sustainability at the Taft-Nicholson Center

Luis headshotLuis Valderrama 
Luis is a senior double majoring with Psychology. Luis is the current president of EnviroClub. His passions are communication and education and he eventually wants to open a business centered on that. Luis loves to hike and spend time outdoors. 

lily w headshotLily Wetterlin 

Lily plans to graduate from the University of Utah in the spring of 2018 with two bachelors of Science: Environmental & Sustainability Studies and Geoscience with an emphasis in Geology.  She is passionate about science and its contributions towards a sustainable future.  She has been actively involved in both her majors.  She currently works as an undergraduate research assistant for Dr. Brenda Bowen on the Bonneville Salt Flat project and is on the Student Advisory Committee for the Geology & Geophysics department. After graduation she plans to attend graduate school in the Environmental Geoscience field.  


Nikki M headshotNikki Macphee

A passionate individual for environmental biology and ecological evolution, Nikki is pursuing a career in Rainforest and Marine Ecology and Conservation. Using environmental studies and techniques, she plans to help halt and reverse acidification and bleaching of coral reefs, preserve equatorial rainforests, and work towards promoting clean energy for future conservation and preservation. 

 Quinn G headshot Quinn Graves
Quinn is in her third year double majoring in Environmental & Sustainability Studies and Geography emphasizing in biogeography and ecology. She is fascinated by food systems, food justice, and sustainable agriculture and how it relates to the changing global climate. She is a steward at the Edible Campus Gardens and loves to keep her hands dirty in garden soil. She spends her free time skiing, mountain biking, running, cooking, and playing in the mountains.

Zina headshotZina Bougri
Zina is in her fifth and final year at the University of Utah as a double major Honors student in ENVST and Political Science, with an emphasis in International Politics and a minor in Business. Zina is particularly interested in the connection between climate change and violent conflict, especially as it relates to human migration and refugee crises. In her free time, she loves skiing, rock climbing, whitewater rafting, and cuddling with her Siberian cat, Mishka.
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