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Sustainability Leadership Committee


Fall 2018

The Sustainability Leadership Committee serve as student ambassadors for the ENVST Program, and as liaisons between the Program and ENVST majors and other students.

Claire Decker
Claire is a junior participating in a UROP resarch project plotting treeline migration patterns by radio carbon dating pollen collected from Packard middens. She is double majoring in Environmental & Sustainability Studies and Geography emphasizing in climate change & landscape dynamics. She loves the earth and people and hopes that her career will alow her to help both. 

Kelsey Anderson Kelsey Anderson 
Kelsey is a double major in Environmental and Sustainability studies with an emphasis in Land Management, Conservation & Place , and Geography with an emphasis in Climate Change and Landscape Dynamics. She is enthusiastic about green infrastructure, sustainability in urban areas, and is a passionate animal liberation activist. In her spare time, she loves to travel with her husband (particularly Paris and Switzerland) pamper her pups, and attend ballet class.

Madeline Engel
Madeline is in her fourth year majoring in Environmental & Sustainability Studies with an emphasis in Land Management, Conservation, & Place. She is also minoring in psychology and working towards an applied GIS certificate. She hopes to eventually work in habitat restoration and conservation.

Quinn G headshot

Quinn is in her third year double majoring in Environmental & Sustainability Studies and Geography emphasizing in climate change and landscape dynamics. She is enthralled by Utah's lands, the protection of wild places, peoples' connection to place, and how landscapes are changing in relation to climate change. She is a steward at the Edible Campus Gardens and loves to keep her hands dirty in garden soil. She spends her free time skiing, mountain biking, running, cooking, and playing in the mountains.

Romello Warren PhotoRomello Warren 
Romello is in his third year double majoring in Environmental & Sustainability Studies and Urban Ecology. He plans to obtain a Master of City & Metropolitan Planning. He enjoys observing the ecology of Utah and the people that make up this place. He is excited to be a part of the Sustainability Leadership Committee.

samuel Bey
Sam is a senior in the Environmental and Sustainability Studies program, emphasizing in Land Management, Conservation, and Place. He plans to obtain a Professional Master of Science and Technology studying Environmental Science. On campus, he serves as a College of Social and Behavioral Studies Development Ambassador. He plans on using his education to help his extended community adapt to the effects of a rapidly changing climate. He is passionate about veggie tacos, his dog Kaya, and trap music. 

        Sydney boogaard

Sydney is a senior double majoring in Environmental & Sustainability Studies and Health, Society, & Policy emphasizing in Air, Water, & Health. She is also aquiring her certificate in Applied GIS and serves the College of Social & Behavioral Science as a student ambassador. She is passionate about raising awareness on the fragility of our environment and how communities can protect and conserve Earth’s vast ecosystems. In her spare time, Sydney loves her two dogs and eating yummus hummus. 


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