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ENVST Mission Statement

We strive to foster an understanding of ecological systems and the consequences of human-environment interactions. The curriculum is rooted in interdisciplinary approaches from earth systems science, humanities, and social and behavioral sciences. Our program provides students with a broad multi-methods education that emphasizes systemic analysis, peer learning, and community engagement. It stresses the importance of social responsibility, leadership, and a science-based focus on solutions and integrated problem solving.

Upon graduation, students will have learned how to shape more resilient and sustainable systems, emphasizing the interaction between society, the economy, and the environment. Students will have the ability to assess complex environmental issues at all scales, using multiple and diverse methodologies and an interdisciplinary approach, within a context of environmental justice, equity, and long-term sustainability. Students will be able to think critically about their role as creative problem-solvers and their responsibility as citizens, political and economic participants, and members of an extended ecological community.

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Join iNaturalist University of Utah Bird Window Collisio
Help identify bird-window collision hotspots across campus, to help mitigate bird deaths in the future. 
You may see them dead or stunned.

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iNaturalist University of Utah Bird Window Collision Study,
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