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ENVST Career-Line Faculty Endowment

ENVST Endowment Supports Research and/or a Community Engaged Learning Project.

Career line faculty from the Environmental and Sustainability Studies (ENVST) program are invited to apply for a course release, funded by the ENVST Endowment.  This release time is to be used to mentor ENVST majors working on a research and/or a community-engaged learning/research project and should lead to an educational (e.g., curricular innovation), research (e.g., paper, grant), and/or community-facing product (e.g., presentation, report, interactive exhibit).  The ENVST Director will select the recipient and the successful recipient cannot apply again for two years.

Applications will be due January 15 each year and the recipient will be notified by February 15.  The course release will be for one course the following academic year. Please send your application to

  1. CV
  2. Letter of interest (no more than three pages) that indicates:
    1. the impact of this release on the faculty members ability to engage in research and/or a community engaged learning project, .
    2. Description of project, target product(s), and how undergraduate ENVST students will be involved,
    3. the course that you would like a release from teaching.
Last Updated: 8/2/23