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ENVST Minor - 19 credits

Environmental and Sustainability Studies students develop an understanding of ecological systems and the consequences of human-environment interactions, with grounding in earth systems and social science. The curriculum emphasizes human impacts on the environment, policy and decision making, ethics, and historical approaches to the human-environment relationship. This interdisciplinary program is unique in its emphasis on peer learning and community engagement regarding the environment, social responsibility, and sustainability.


NOTE:  ENVST 2000 is not required for a minor. 

You will need to request an add code for ENVST 3364 and 3365.  You can request an add code here.


o   ENVST 2050 – Intro to Environmental Science (4) SF

o   ENVST 2100 – Intro to Environmental Studies (3) BF

o   ENVST/GEOG 3210 – Global Climate Change (3) SF

o   ENVST 3364 – Challenges to Global Sustainability (3) IR

o   ENVST 3365 – Environmental Justice (3) DV CEL 

o   POLS 5322 – Environmental Policy (3) 


Students who have questions or wish to delcare a minor should book an advising appointment with the Ally Marringa

Last Updated: 4/15/19