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ENVST Faculty and Staff

Brian Codding Brian F. Codding, Ph.D.
Director, ENVST
Associate Professor, Anthropology
Research interests: Behavioral ecology, human ecology, human-environment interactions, land use practices, ethnoecology, anthropogenic disturbance, hunter-gatherers
Jennifer Watt Jennifer Watt, Ph.D.
Associate Director, ENVST
Associate Professor Lecturer, ENVST
Research interests: Environmental Science and Paleoecology;
Brett Clark Brett Clark, Ph.D.
Professor, Sociology
Professor Lecturer, ENVST
Research interests: The political economy of global environmental change and the philosophy, history, and sociology of science
Adrienne Cachelin Adrienne Cachelin, Ph.D.
Professor Lecturer, ENVST
Research interests: Ecological Literacy and Eco-Justice Education
Jennifer Shah Jennifer Follstad Shah, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, ENVST
Research Interests: Global Change on Ecosystems, River, and Riparian Restoration
Tim Collins Tim Collins, Ph.D.
Professor, ENVST
Professor, Geography
Research Interests: Environmental justice and social vulnerability to hazards, risks, and disasters
Sara Grineski Sara Grineski, Ph.D.
Professor, ENVST
Professor, Sociology
Research Interests: Environmental justice, health, and air pollution
Juliet Carlisle  Juliet Carlisle, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, ENVST
Associate Professor, Political Science
Research Interests:American Politics, energy & environmental politics, public     opinion, political socialization 
Kim Peterson Kim Peterson
Administrative Assistant 
Ally Marringa Ally Marringa
Program Advisor 


Affiliate Faculty

Andrea Brunelle Andrea Brunelle, Ph.D
Professor, Geography
RED Lab Director
Interests: Paleoecology, Fire history, Climate Change


Tabitha Benney Tabitha Benney
Associate Professor, Political Science


Last Updated: 7/12/21