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ENVST Student Projects:

 Increased Acccess to Air Filtration Masks

Sydney Boogaard (Dr. Jennifer Watt 

Throughout the winter the Wasatch Front experiences some of the worst air quality in the country. Unfortunately, many citizens do not have the means to protect themselves from this harmful air. Therefore, a Sustainable Campus Initiative Fund (SCIF) grant was proposed to purchase reusable air filtration masks from Vogmask for the University of Utah Community. Vogmask graciously provided a generous discount and with the funds from SCIF these masks were sold for five dollars. Additionally, all proceeds went back to purchase more masks. The ultimate goal of the project was to spread awareness and increase accessibility to air filtration masks. Overall, this project was a success and we were able to provide 801 masks to individuals across the University campus.

Social Media Campaign: Active Transport

Mikayla Howitz, Erika Melville, & Uyen Hoang (Dr. Jennifer Follstad Shah)


Mikayla Howitz, Erika Melville, & Uyen Hoang created a social media campagin to educate about the physical and environmental benefits to utlizing active transport. See the full social media campagin in the ENVST instragram highlights.

Sustainability Pledge

Sydney Boogaard, Emily Jones, & Emily Martin (Dr. Jennifer Follstad Shah & Dr. Jennifer Watt 

This project created a Sustainability Pledge that graduating seniors and University faculty and staff have the opportunity to commit to. The pledge asks signatories to explore and take into account the social and environmental consequences of their individual and workplace decisions and to urge them to work towards improving these aspects to the best of their ability. Individuals who commit to this pledge will be provided a green cord to wear at graduation to signify the commitment they have made to environmental and social responsibility and sustainability. Additionally, during the College of Social & Behavioral Sciences’ convocation the Dean, Dr. Cynthia Berg will recognize all those who committed to this pledge. Lastly, these cords are returned to the Environmental & Sustainability Studies (ENVST) program to be used in the future graduation ceremonies.

University of Utah Football Game Carbon Footprint

Abby Ghent & Sam Bagge (Dr. Jennifer Follstad Shah)

"Section Under Construction" 

Water Filtration Devices 

Carrie Marsh, Amanda Pearl-Orantes, Tessa Scheffler, & Molly Sheridan (Dr. Jennifer Follstad Shah)

"Section Under Construction"  

 Earth Tones Journal 

 Shaela Adams, Aubrilyn Guevara, Hannah Nelson, & Madison Skinner (Dr. Jennifer Follstad Shah)

earth tones journal

Four ENVST Capstone students, Shaela Adams, Aubrilyn Guevara, Hannah Nelson, and Madison Skinner created a literary journal, Earth Tones Journal devoted to the human experience within Utah's diverse landscapes and environments. 

Lighting Retrofit for Special Collections section of the Marriott Library

Sierra Govett, Yinhuan Huang, & Dillon Seglem (Dr. Jennifer Follstad Shah)


Sierra Govett, Dillon Seglem and Yinhuan Huang secured a Sustainable Campus Initiative Fund (SCIF) revolving loan to retrofit the lighting in the Special Collections section of the Marriott Library. The loan was for $40,000, which paid for the installation of the new lighting system over the summer. The loan fund is specifically used for energy and money saving ideas proposed by students, faculty and staff for energy conservation, renewable energy production and water conservation projects. A Rocky Mountain Power wattsmart incentive grant helped off-set some of the project’s cost. The library will repay the loan over 13 years, using money from utility cost savings. But the impact — both monetary and in preservation of its collections — will be ongoing. Ultimately, this project will save the university $56,000 in energy costs and 600 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions over twenty-two years, while extending the lifespan of priceless archives.

Citizen Lobbying Video 

 Matt Woodman, Alex Veilleux, Connor Estes, Nick Litizzette, Alyssa Jains, & Ian McMillan (Dr. Jennifer Follstad Shah) 

Matt Woodman, Alex Veilleux, Connor Estes, Nick Litizzette, Alyssa Jains, and Ian McMillan created this video to introduce individuals to citizen lobbying. This video is a great source for all those that want to get involved but are not sure where to begin. This was a community engaged learning project accomplished with the assistance of HEAL Utah

Community Engaged Learning 

Quinn Graves & Alex Veilleux (Dr. Adrienne Cachelin)

This video highlights Alex Veilleux's and Quinn Graves' community engaged learning projects for Dr. Adrienne Cachelin's Environmental Justice course. 

Climate Change Video 

Sierra Govett & Raquell Lyman

 This Video focuses on Climate Change in the world today. Choreographed by Sierra Govett and filmed by Raquell Lyman. Sierra is currently completing an internship this summer in Boulder, Colorado at NOAA.

 Wildlife tracking project in Centennial Valley 

ENVST Capstone

Students in an ENVST capstone put together a video highlighting their work for a wildlife tracking project in Centennial Valley.

 "Section Under Construction" 

Daily Utah Chronicle 

Jonathan Park 

Jonathan Park interned with the Daily Utah Chronicle to develop and promote Environmental Issues.

 Living Plant Wall 

ENVST Capstone (Dr. Jennifer Follstad Shah) 

The Living Wall grew out of the Fall 2014 Environmental and Sustainability Studies Capstone Course at the University of Utah. A group of students sharing the common interest of green infrastructure and air quality improvement got together to build a vertical garden on campus. After receiving a grant through the Sustainable Campus Initiative Fund, they were able to make it happen. The Living Wall will serve as a symbol of sustainability for years to come, and we hope this project will inspire students to continue making progress toward a more sustainable future.

Time-lapse Video of the Planting 

Last Updated: 3/25/21