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Graduate School Opportunities


This list is current graduate school openings that faculty members are socliting graduate school applications for a speficic project. 



This list is posted here so students have ideas of graduate programs that past ENVST students have applied to. 

Arizona State University - School of Sustainability

Arizona State University - School of Public Service & Community Solutions

Brigham Young University - Environmental Science M.S.

Florida Tech - Environmental Science M.S.

Miami University - Environmental Science M.En.

Ohio State University - School of Environment & Natural Resources

Oregon State University - College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences

Oregon State University - College of Forestry

Oregon State University - Environmental Sciance graduate Program

Oregon State University - Public Health & Human Sciences

Oregon State University - College of Science

Oregon State University - Master's of Science on Equitable and Inclusive Conservation

South Dakota State University

University of Idaho - Department of Natural Resources and Society

University of Minnesota - Natural Resource Science & Management

University of Utah - Parks & Recreation, & Toursim M.S.

University of Utah - Professional Master of Science and Technology

University of West Florida - Environmental Science M.S.

University of Wisconsin - Environmental Conservatoin M.S

Washington State University - Graduate Studies in Natural Sciences


Last Updated: 10/17/23