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Degree & Emphases

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The Environmental and Sustainability Studies (ENVST) major in the College of Social and Behavioral Science is an interdisciplinary STEM program that has been established at the U for 25 years.  The ENVST degree fosters an understanding of ecological systems, human societies, and the consequences of human-environment interactions. Our program provides students with a broad education that emphasizes mixed-methods, systems thinking, peer learning, and community engagement. It stresses the importance of social responsibility, leadership, a science-based focus on solutions and integrated problem solving.

air, water, health


Focus on the challenges of sustaining good quality air & water, the influence of degraded resources, & options for maintaining clean air & water.

AIR, WATER, HEALTH EMPHASIS SHEET 2024-2025Air, water, health emphasis sheet 2023-2024

conservation land management


Explore how management techniques
such as mitigation, restoration, &
planing are informed by ecological,
cultural, & social understandings.

conservation land management emphasis sheet 2024-2025conservation land management emphasis sheet 2023-2024

food systems

Explore complex relationships associated with food, including demands on the global ecosystem, health, & well-being of diverse communities, & the ways that bioregionalism can build more resilient populations.

food systems & community emphasis sheet 2024-2025food systems & Community emphasis sheet 2023-2024



Understand education & social change in the context of social, political, economic, & ethical dimensions of socio-ecological systems.

ecojustice education 2024-2025

ecojustice education 2023-2024


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