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Director's Message  

Environmental conditions are dramatically changing, presenting an array of challenges and opportunities for humanity. Environmental and Sustainability Studies students are stepping up, addressing the difficult questions, studying the complexities of human-environment interactions and ecosystems, employing scientific knowledge to address socio-ecological problems, assessing the avenues for social change, and working to create a more just, healthy, and sustainable society.

It is an exciting time to be involved in this program. Over the last decade, the number of Environmental and Sustainability majors has greatly increased, a minor has been established, and the curriculum has expanded. Our students are pursuing projects to lessen the environmental impacts of the university and to enhance student knowledge of ecological issues. They are participating in community-engaged learning projects to build stronger, more resilient communities. They are working as interns, gaining concrete experience and knowledge regarding their roles as citizens. They are conducting and presenting original research, integrating interdisciplinary insights gained from the curriculum of the program. It is clear that our students are doing important work—they are active and creative. It is invigorating to be part of this process and this historical moment.

Brett Clark       

Last Updated: 3/25/21