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Internship Listings

*Not all internships will count towards the ENVST degree.

NOTE:  Summer Internship Deadline is May 8th, 2017 at 5:00 PM

Summer 2017 Internships

These listings are for the coming semester and to our knowledge are still open:

AgReserves, Inc. - GIS Intern Summer-Fall 2017

Alta Environmental Center - Summer Stewardship Internship (paid)

Bureau of Land Management - Pathways Internship Program

Canyon Country Discovery Center Summer 2017 (paid)

Coral Restoration Foundation - Coral Restoration and Conservation Internship Summer 2017

Cottonwood Canyons Foundation - Plants Program and Invasive Weeds Intern Summer 2017

Cottonwood Canyons Foundation - Trail Crew Member Summer 2017

Cottonwood Canyons Foundation - Invasive Weeds Crew Member Summer 2017

Cottonwood Canyons Foundation - Trail Crew Lead Summer 2017

Farmers Market Direct - Various Markets 

Farmington City Corporation - GIS Internship (paid)

HEAL Utah - Clean Air and Renewable Energy Policy Intern Summer 2017

HEAL Utah - Grassroots and Outreach Intern Summer 2017

International Rescue Committee's New Roots Program - Community Gardens Specialist 

International Rescue Committee's New Roots Program - Sunnyvale Farmers' Market Specialist

Jordan River Commission - Volunteer Coordinator Assistant (part time) Summer 2017

Momentum Recycling - Outreach and other opportunities

Momentum Recycling - "Amglassador" Internship Summer 2017

Momentum Recycling - Outreach Specialist (paid)

New Mexico Landscapes Field Station (USGS and NPS Partnership) - Ecosystems Science Internship Summer 2017 (stipend)

North Idaho College Outdoor Pursuits - Internship Summer 2017

Northern Forest Canoe Trail (NFCT) - Stewardship Intern Summer 2017

P3 Utah (partnering with the University of Utah Sustainability Office) - Community Engagement Manager Summer 2017 

P3 Utah (partnering with the University of Utah Sustainability Office) - Media Manager Summer 2017

PK CLEAN - Social Media, Communication, & Research

Real Food Rising - Crew Leader - Summer 2017 (part-time, paid)

Real Food Rising - Farm Apprentice - Summer 2017 (part-time, paid)

Real Food Rising - Stand Specialist - Summer 2017 (part-time, paid)

Red Butte Gardens (Americorps) - Volunteer Programs Department Specialist 2017

Sitka Fellows Program Summer 2017

SLCgreen - Outreach Interns Summer 2017

Society for Conservation Biology - Shorebird-Human Disturbance Research Technician (Long Island) Summer 2017

Summit Land Conservancy (Americorps) - Americorps Conservation Intern Spring/Summer 2017

Swaner EcoCenter Summer 2017 - paid

Taft-Nicholson Environmental Humanities Education Center - Internship Summer 2017 (stipend)

Taft-Nicholson Environmental Humanities Education Center - Assistant Instructor Summer 2017 (stipend)

University of Utah Sustainability Office - Edible Campus Garden Steward

University of Utah Sustainability Office - Farmers Market Student Manager

University of Utah Sustainability Office - Sustainability Office Assistant

University of Utah Sustainability Office - Sustainability Ambassadors

Utah Department of Agriculture and Food - Agricultural Technician Summer 2017 (paid)

Utah's Hogle Zoo Conservation Department - Sustainability Internship Summer 2017

Utah Recycling Alliance - Internships Summer 2017

 USU Botanical Center - Sustainability Education Assistant Position (January-December 2017) paid

Wasatch Community Gardens - UCC AmeriCorps Youth Educator (April-October 2017)

Wasatch Mountain State Park - Park Ranger Aide/Naturalist Assistant (ongoing)

Youth Garden Project (Moab) - Garden Educator Internship Spring/Summer 2017 (paid)

Youth Garden Project (Moab) - Garden Educator Internship Summer/Fall 2017

Youth Garden Project (Moab) - Garden Internship Summer/Fall 2017 (paid)

 Previous Semester Internships

These listings are either filled or past their application window, but may still be good sources of internships as many of them are recurring if not already reposted above. Also, feel free to reach out to the organizations for other non-posted internship opportunities:

Alta - Internships

American Conservation Experience (ACE)- Conservation Tech (AmeriCorps 900 hr Position)

Business Council for Sustainable Energy- Jan Schori Summer Fellowship Program

Coral Restoration Foundation Fall Internship  (unpaid)

Cottonwood Canyons Foundation- Winter Snowshoe Intern

Cottonwood Canyon Foundation - Environmental Education Consultant (paid)

Enyo Renewable Energy - Solar & Wind Energy Developmental Intern Fall 2016 (paid)

Goblin Valley State Park- Spring Intern

HEAL Utah- Spring Intern

Island Institute- Sitka Fellows Program (Alaska)

Polar Eclipse - Game Design & App Devolpment Internship fall 2016

P3 Utah- Purpose Economy Research Intern

Recycle Utah- Spring Intern

River Management Society- Economic Impact Assessment Intern, Paid

Save Our Canyons- Public Lands Intern

Sierra Club- Legislative Writer/Analyst Intern

SLC Dept. of Air Quality - Student Internship Fall 2016 (paid)

SLC Recycling Office - Recycling Outreach and Communication Internship Fall 2016

State of Utah DNR/Division of State Parks and Recreation- Multiple East Canyon Internships

Summit Land Conservancy- Spring Intern

Tracy Aviary - Conservation Science Intern Fall 2016

Tree Utah- Education Internship and Program Internship

TreeUtah - Internship (unpaid) fall volunteer application

U of U Parks, Rec. & Tourism - Sustainability Committee Recycling Auditor Fall 2016 (paid)

USU Botanical Center- Sustainability Education Assistant AmeriCorps Internship

Utah Rivers Council- Water Outreach Intern

Utah Society for Environmental Education (USEE)- Spring Internship

Utah, Department of Natural Resources- Fire Research Intern

Wasatch Backcountry Alliance- Conservation Internship

Wasatch Mountain State Park- Park Ranger Aid/Naturalist Assistant

Alta Environmental Center (Alta Ski Area) - Communications Internship Spring 2017 (paid)

AmeriCorps - Natural Lands Outreach and Education Specalist Spring 2017 

Environmental and Energy Study Institute Intern (via Hinkley Institute) - Spring 2017 (stipend)

Factory Farming Awareness Coalition - Internship Spring 2017 

HEAL Utah - Clean Air Grassroots Organizer Spring 2017 (stipend)

HEAL Utah - Clean Air & Renewable Energy Intern Spring 2017 (stipend)

Jordan River Commission - Internship Spring 2017 (paid)

Momentum Recycling - "Amglassador" Internship Spring 2017

NOLS - Sustainability Intern Spring 2017 

Recycle Utah - Communications and Advocacy Internship Spring 2017

Recycle Utah - Education and Outreach Internship Spring 2017

Save Our Canyons Communication and Outreach Internship

SLCgreen - Various Internships  Spring 2017

Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance (SUWA) - Conservation Outreach Intern Spring 2017 (stipend) 

sPower - Development Intern

Summit Land Conservancy - ENVST Intern Spring 2017

Thanksgiving Point - Community, Environment Programs Intern (unpaid)

Tracy Aviary - Photography Internship (unpaid) 

U of U Sustainability Office - Campus Engagement Manager Intern Spring 2017

Utah Rivers Council - Environmental Policy & Water Outreach Internship Spring 2017

Wasatch Community Gardens - History Intern Spring 2017

Wasatch Community Gardens - Network Intern Spring 2017

Wasatch Community Gardens - Outreach Intern Spring 2017

Wasatch Front Regional Council - GIS and Data Analysis Intern Spring 2017

Wasatch Front Regional Council - Regional Economic Development Intern Spring 2017

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