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Graduate School Preparation

Research Graduate Programs

  • Talk to professors, graduate students, or professionals who have pursued the program you are considering.
  • Use the Web to research different programs, their course offerings and expectations.
  • Visit the University of Utah's Career Services Library to access even more information in hard copy.

Ask Revealing Questions

  • How many students apply each year and how many are accepted?
  • What is the average GPA of admitted students?
  • What is the average GRE score of admitted students?
  • Is the program and institution accredited?
  • Where do graduates of the program find work?

Consider Uncommon Options

  • Take courses in the program as a nonmatriculated student prior to applying-allowing you to try on the program and gain a rapport with the instructors.
  • Take night courses.
  • Pursue joint degrees (e.g. M.P.A. while earning a J.D.).
  • Build your own interdisciplinary degree.

Stand Out as a Star Applicant

  • Garner real-world experience.
  • Submit quality letters of recommendation-be ready to provide any useful information to those writing letters.
  • Show your passion for the program and its associated coursework.

Navigate the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) Successfully

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