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Undergraduate Research:

  • Write an introductory email to a faculty member conducting research in an area of interest including a brief (1-2 sentences each) description about why you are interested in conducting, background of relevant coursework, questions you hope to address and/or skills you hope to gain via research. Politely inquire if any opportunities exist. Attach a current resume or curriculum vitae (CV). This expectation may not apply to students who already have a working relationship with a faculty mentor or who are responding to a posted research opportunity. 
  • Draft a research proposal with the help of a faculty member. We suggest formatting your proposal based on the instructions given by the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP). Submission of a proposal to the UROP is optional.
  • Once the student has secured a research project AND faculty mentor, submit Undergraduate Research Application by the Deadline (January 3, 2023 for Spring) to receive an add code for ENVST 5000 to earn academic credit for your research. 
  • Apply for the travel and/or small grants funds through the Office of Undergraduate Research to support research efforts (as needed). See details below.
  • Conduct the proposed independent research with a faculty mentor within the proposed timeline.
  • Be professional (courteous, responsible, respectful, prompt, and responsive) at all times.
  • Adhere to policies set forth by the faculty mentor/host lab.
  • Maintain clear and open communication with faculty mentor and ENVST mentor (the two may be the same)
  • Contact Dr. Jennifer Watt as soon as any concerns or problems arise
  • Present a research poster at the College of Social and Behavioral Science Research Day (Usually held Spring Semester)
  • If applicable, apply for Undergraduate Research Scholar Designation (URSD). This expectation applies only to students who have conducted two semesters of research. 
  • Complete the Undergraduate Faculty Mentor Agreement form that will be sent via email by the ENVST Program
  • Provide assistance to student in developing the research proposal, including clear indication of timeline for completion
  • Provide clear descriptions of student's duties and provide feedback on student progress
  • Educate student about background information and methodologies needed to conduct the proposed research
  • Assist student with troubleshooting
  • Maintain clear and open communication with student and ENVST mentor
  • Contact Jennifer Watt ( as soon as any concerns or problems arise
  • Complete the Undergraduate Research Evaluation form that will be sent via email by the ENVST Program
  • Distribute research opportunities announcements
  • Assist student with assessing potential faculty mentors with whom research could be conducted
  • Provide suggested coursework for student to be prepared to conduct research
  • Maintain clear and open communication with student and faculty mentor
  • Address concerns raised by faculty mentor or student
Search for current research opportunities with the Office of Undergraduate Research to browse possible research projects. If you find a project you are interested in, contact the faculty listed on the project. 


Last Updated: 9/26/22