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  • Student Research on Capitol Hill

    ENVST students Jordin Hartley and Mickey Navidomskis presented their research at the Utah State Capitol last week.

  • ENVST Assistant Professor, Dr. Jennifer Watt is awarded an Alta Sustainability Leadership Award

    Dr. Watt was awarded the Education Integration Award for her unfailing commitment to strengthening her courses and the Environmental & Sustainability Studies (ENVST) program, creating meaningful experiences designed to support all students.

  • What Global Climate Change May Mean for Leaf Litter in Streams and Rivers

    A new study led by University of Utah researcher Jennifer J. Follstad Shah, in collaboration with a team of 15 scientists in the U.S. and Europe, suggests these decay rates may not increase as much as expected.

  • No Soil Required

    Imagine a garden in your home that requires no soil. Georgie Corkery, an environmental and sustainability studies and urban ecology major with a minor in design, spent her summer researching this idea, known as hydroponic lighting.

  • Listening for Solutions

    During the course of two transatlantic trips to India, and a semester of intercultural collaboration, University of Utah students discovered that before you can solve, you have to listen.

Last Updated: 3/12/18