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Faculty Highlight: Welcome Dr. Matthew Fry!

matt fry

- Written by Margot Langue

Dr. Matthew Fry is our new shared professor, teaching courses in both the Geography Department and Environmental and Sustainability Studies program. Dr. Fry moved from Texas to Salt Lake City. He has a BS in Biology from UNC Chapel Hill, an MA in Curriculum and Instruction from University of Mississippi, an MA in Latin American Studies from University of Texas, and a PhD in Geography from University of Texas. Dr. Fry is fascinated in relationships among politics, society, culture, and environmental change. His research focuses on human-environment interactions, especially resources, energy, and livelihoods. He’s excited about two new research projects: one examines the growing use of digital technologies in environmental decision making with a focus on urban forestry policies, the other investigates Utah’s fast-evolving energy geographies and the state’s energy transition.

Dr. Fry is most excited about coming to the University of Utah for the incredible students and faculty, and the opportunity to explore the amazing state of Utah. He is passionate about the environment and enjoys being outside, hiking, biking, landscaping, and gardening. He’s also into native plants, home-grown vegetables, parks, hound dogs, and Mexico! Dr. Fry enjoys drawing on his research and other experiences for class material. Due to his shared position in Environmental and Sustainability Studies and Geography, he will be teaching one class per year in the ENVST program, currently teaching Introduction to Environmental Sustainability [ENVST 2100]. He plans on teaching a graduate seminar on Energy Policy in the Fall of 2023, ENVST 2100 again in the Spring of 2024, in addition to a GEOG/ENVST cross-listed course on Energy. He looks forward to meeting and interacting with students, so please feel free to stop by his office in GC4840!

Last Updated: 8/2/23