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Andrew Follett

ENVST major Andrew Follett "Bartering the Public Trust:Assessing the Constitutionality of the Utah Lake Restoration Act"

Published in the 20th edition of the Hinckley Journal of Politics

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When Andrew found out about a development proposal to dredge and sterilize the iconic Utah Lake, he transitioned from a focus in watershed science to environmental law as a means of stopping the irresponsible and unsustainable development plan, even transferring to the University of Utah for the purpose of engaging in the Environmental & Sustainability program. 

Bartering the Public Trust leverages the federal public trust doctrine and Article XX of the Utah Constitution to argue that actions taken by the Utah Legislature to facilitate privatization of Utah Lake's bed are unconstitutional and run counter to the founding republican principles of the state. The legislature, he argues, is obligated by the public trust doctrine to retain and manage the bed for the collective benefit of all Utahns, present and future.

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Last Updated: 8/2/23