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Sustainability & Equity Pledge

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    “I pledge to consider the impacts my job and lifestyle have on social equity and the environment. I will try to improve both of these aspects through individual and collective actions.”


    The following responses may be utilized for the College of Social & Behavioral Science materials, advertising, and convocation ceremonies. However, individuals will remain anonymous.

    If you do not want the College of Social & Behavioral Science to utilize your responses, please check here:



    Green cords for convocation will be available for pickup at the Environmental & Sustainability Office, Gardner Commons Room 4540, 260 South Central Campus Drive. These cords were funded by a Sustainable Campus Initiative Fund Grant

    Please return the cords so the College of Social & Behavioral Science may reuse the cords in the future. There will be three deposit boxes inside the John M. Huntsman Center and two inside Gardner Commons.You may also drop off the cords anytime at the Environmental & Sustainability Studies offices Monday to Friday during regular business hours.

    The College of Social & Behavioral Science is promoting this pledge in support of the Graduation Pledge Alliance, which seeks to build a global community committed to social and environmental responsibility in the workplace and in lifestyle choices to build a healthy, sustainable, and just world."

  3. Would you like to wear a green cord at commencement and convocation?
Last Updated: 4/17/20