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Honors Thesis Application

Please note that successfully approved ENVST Honors Thesis demonstrate environmentally focused projects that apply theoretical and emperically based ideas. ENVST Honors Thesis should involve a student-initiated project, which has an environmental focus and demonstrates both an application and extension of classroom knowledge.

Student Information

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(MUST have a 3.5 GPA or higher)
Honors Thesis
The Final Reasearch Paper is due at the end of the semester. The length of the paper should be appropriate for the subject matter and depth of the research topic. Copies of the Final Research Paper must be turned into both the honors thesis advisor and the Associate Director of Environmental and Sustainability Studies Program.

Files must be less than 2MB and have one of the following file extensions: doc, docx, pages, rtf, txt, pdf.
Honors Thesis Advisor

PLEASE NOTE: Honors Thesis application approval requires one week and will not be approved if the student submits it less than the week prior to the last date to add courses. Please rever to the Academic Calendar to determine this date.
Last Updated: 7/26/22