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Day Nine in Costa Rica

Our ninth day in Costa Rica focused on the sustainable and quality production of chocolate and coffee on a local family-owned farm! The tour included a two-hour walk through the plantation and growing fields. Our guide educated us on the intricate process of producing such popular foods inclusive of planting, growing, harvesting, roasting, and preparing the beans of each plant. This farm in particular is focused on quality over quantity. Our guide addressed the history of cacao and coffee beans, specifically their origins in South America and Africa respectively. The process from transforming cacao and coffee beans into the chocolate and coffee drinks we know is unbelievable! Both beans are extremely bitter and well-protected in fruits. They are hand picked and harvested in their seeds before being peeled and dried! After this, cacao beans are ground and mixed with sugar and milk to create chocolate. In the case of coffee, the beans are roasted at a precise temperature and are then ready to be ground for drinking! Overall, the tour was informative while connecting to ecotourism and ecocentric practices. This fourth generation farm is dedicated to producing quality chocolate, coffee, and sugarcane using sustainable and traditional practices. 


Coffee beans drying in a greenhouse.

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